Sunday, April 6, 2014

Week 21 (20 done/ half way there!!)

*Total weight gain?: 146~  up 13 total. Hoping to stick with the 1#/week goal from now on. Also, I would really like to not get diabetes. Last time I failed my 1 hour glucose test, and I'm really hoping that doesn't happen again. We'll see!!
*Pregnancy Symptoms: He's a very active little man. Moves around a lot. He gets very excited after I eat fruit and really gets dancing!
*How big is baby?:The length of a banana
*SleepPretty good except Harrison still gets in bed with us a lot...things are getting better on that front. I wish I had more time to nap, but I just don't. Life is really busy. Oh, and Sammy moved in with us which is really fun, and her dog, Gemma, had 2 puppies the other day! (Ironically on April Fool's Day- haha).
Sex:  a little boy :)
*Maternity clothesI can still mix it up. I have 2 pairs of non-pregnancy pants that I can still (amazingly) wear with all the right buttons and everything. Generally, I wear maternity pants though.
*Stretch marks: No, but things are rearranging again. I think this time it's not as obvious to me as it's happening because things know where to go. 
*Movement: YES!!!! I love it
*Food cravings: pasta and mexican food are my favorites these days. 
*Labor signs: no, gracias a dios!
*Belly button in or out: In, but it looks really weird. Very weird after a big meal.
*What I miss: being able to bend over to pick something up without making noises.
*What I'm looking forward to: Carlie said she might host me a small baby luncheon type party. I'm really looking forward to it, because she knows how to host a party!
*Best Moment of the Week: People are really nice/ extra friendly to pregnant ladies :) Grocery store baggers, family, patients...that is really, really cool. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Round 2: week 16

16 weeks/ 139#. Feeling generally pretty good. Skin is crazy.

last time- week 16.
*Total weight gain?: 7 pounds: 139. This is probably my last week in the 130s...Good bye old body! Funny- exactly the same as last time.
*Pregnancy Symptoms: My boobs are enormous and unruly. No me gusta! Other than that, I'm feeling ok. My center of gravity is starting to change, but that's to be expected. I am holding off on doing cartwheels and jump roping for now. Seriously. I had to stop doing that stuff. Writing this blog makes me realize what a weirdo I am.
*How big is baby?:The length of an avocado!
*Sleep: pretty decent, but I am so congested lately I wake up a time or two to pee and chug water. I am constantly drinking water because of becoming dehydrated last time/ needing bed rest. I don't want to do that again!
Sex:  We actually found out at week 13, we are having another little BOY!!! Yay for BROTHERS!!!!
*Maternity clothes: yes...sometimes I can still do the rubber band trick. Those days are numbered. I need to go buy more pants. Don't want to.
*Stretch marks: No but my skin is really itchy around my hips. Hope I don't get them this time. I was lucky to avoid them last time!
*Movement: I felt him kick for the first real time this week! I thought I may have felt something before, but the doctor told me that wasn't really likely. Definitely do now! So exciting! Makes things feel more real...funny how I really felt him moving at an oil change place though. Maybe this kid likes cars like his brother :)
*Food cravings: Sandwhiches and chicken fingers. I could go a whole day without sugar...this is strange for me.
*Labor signs: No!
*Belly button in or out: In, but getting a little more shallow with my food/baby bump.
*What I miss: vodka tonics and wine, if I'm being honest.
*What I'm looking forward to: Looking pregnant and not just like I'm getting chubby.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Round 2: Week 11

5 weeks and 134# (feeling excited)

7 weeks 137# (feeling tired, fat, and out of control)

10 weeks 135# (feeling ok, just tired)
11 weeks: what's happening in there

Well, we might be crazy. We are expecting another little munchkin in August of this year. 8/25 to be exact. I guess we are trying to see how much insanity we can pack into our busy lives before I go crazy.


Anyways, I decided to update my incredibly delinquent blog so as to be fair to both kids. Not that they will even probably care that I wrote about my pregnancies, but as a middle child myself...I will be fair. ish. Don't think that that will make #2 a middle child though. Hold your horses, people!

Ok so, here's the weekly update schematic...I'm just copying/ pasting from last time and changing the answers.

*How far along?: 11 weeks

*Total weight gain?: 3 pounds: 135# (not pregnant, I like to neurotically hang out around 132ish. Weird number I know, but whatever.)

*Pregnancy Symptoms: gigantic boobs, starting to get a little belly already. So weird!!! This did not happen so fast last time.

*How big is baby?: The size of a little lime :)

*Sleep: Well, if we didn't have a 2 year old climbing into our bed with a list of demands at any and all hours of the night it would be fine. Probably get up to pee every other night at a weird time.

SexI'm thinking pink this time. I went to a psychic when I was 18 who predicted I would have 2 boys, so we shall see!

Baby M #2
*Maternity clothes: Oh they're coming. Much sooner this go round. I'm doing the hair tie thingy on half of my pants. The other day I was driving home from work and I went to unbutton my pants as they were getting a little snug. To my horror, they were already unbuttoned. Yikes. 

*Stretch marks: Nope

*Movement: I'm moving a lot on the couch underneath a pile of cheezit crumbs. Not sure what that baby is doing. Seriously, I talk about exercising every single day.

*Food cravings: last time it was fruit and meat...this time it's different. The last few weeks, vanilla pudding snack packs, hardboiled eggs and ice cream have been trending with my womb service clientelle.

*Labor signs:there is not even a light at the end of the tunnel at this point. 

*Belly button in or out: In. I will say it's a little sad looking though. Kind of looks like it's frowning. This has nothing to do with what's in there (well, maybe those damn cheezits), just looks different that 3 years ago.

*What I miss: I'm in a state of apathy about all the pregnancy rules. I'm probably not being as rigid with myself this time. I've had a couple soft cheeses/ a few slices of deli meat. (THE HORROR!!!). 

*What I'm looking forward to: being a beached whale at the pool this summer. We tried to get pregnant a little earlier this time (last May), so I wouldn't be big, big huge pregnant in the summer with this one..... but didn't have success until we gave up (Thanksgiving). So this baby will be born in LATE AUGUST. 

That's how we roll.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

7 Months

Harrison is 7 months old and we're all alive and everything!!!

Pictures and updates to follow....

6 Months!

This month has been a VERY important month!

Doctor's Visits:
Harrison is 28 inches (97-99% for height)
& 18.4 pounds (50% for weight)

He has now had 3 ear infections :( poor little buddy! It's always the left ear, too.

We're getting a little bit fancier and do food combos...banana mango is his favorite. He eats baby food 3 times a day (9, 1pm, 430pm) and has 4 6 ounce bottles. He's not all that interested in food though, I have to make him eat.

830-730 :) A few random off days, but he's usually on this schedule. He takes pretty major naps during the day sometimes though and it throws off his schedule. We don't live by one to a T anymore. Our daily goal is to survive and keep the crying to a minimum!

He likes to do the "Harrison Shuffle" as we call it. He gets on his hands and knees and rocks forward, often catapulting himself onto the floor (or the side of the crib- hence I just put our soft crib bumper back up). Chris gets on the floor with him and they have shuffle face offs and "race" to the remote (AKA the holy grail of this house hold). A few days ago, I finally helped him crawl forward with some little therapy guidance and now he is moving forward....more like an inch worm than a crawl though. We're getting there! He also likes to slap the bottle away when he's done eating, roll over, and scoot himself into standing in front of you on the couch. Then he smiles his big gummy grin and tries to walk (which thankfully he cannot yet!). He is busy busy and always moving. The other day, my mom was watching him and texted me that he got himself off the couch and moved across the floor to get a book completely by himself. 
Dear God. 
His First Easter

Loving Granddaddy's watch and glasses

Watching Jacob's every move

My sleepy boy at the Maxwell- Lance family reunion

3 generations of Maxwell Men!

I love my little family :)

Cousins <3

Loves his mommy, daddy, and Laney. He gets so excited when my mom comes over to babysit- it's so cute! Whenever she says good bye she comes back to kiss him 100 times. I never would have thought my mom would melt like butter for a bay. I love it! Of course he loves his other grandparents too- He also loves to go walk around with his Granddaddy and try to eat his watch. Adorable.

5 months!

I can't believe I haven't posted in 3 months!!! I am going to do little quick recaps based on my baby book notes and try to catch up.

Let's see...

At 5 months....

Food: He's eating lots of fruits these days! HATES peas. HATES them. dry heaves when I try to give them to him, so I just quit trying. Harrison-1, Mommy-0

Moving: He's Rolling like crazy and scoots backwards pretty well, and can do "push ups"... But not yet on hands and knees. He's trying to put everything in his mouth (except peas of course). We got him a walker and he loves to crash into things trying to catch Laney. Pretty funny. He's VERY busy.

Sleeping: still pretty good! About 930-7 these days. Those daytime naps are key. 

Likes: Loves blankies, books and monkeys. and LANEY OUR DOG!!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

4 Months

So I'm ridiculously bad at updating this thing...but we have been busy!

Playing in his wagon! 16 week

Things have calmed down tremendously and we have really settled in to our new life as a threesome. I guess this is when things start to get "fun." Personally, I live for his little laughs and can't get enough of him. It's getting harder to leave him to go to work, as his little personality is really starting to shine. The best is getting him out of his crib in the morning and getting a big toothless grin :)

I have been working- 2 days doing home health pediatrics during the week through Sunshine and every Saturday at the hospital. We are fortunate in that both Grandmother's are great babysitters and have been helping us out during the week.

Chris has his daddy days every Saturday with him while I'm at the hospital. I have no idea what they do all day, but Harrison LOVES his daddy. It's pretty cute. Chris definitely gets the best laughs out of him...I feel like they have some secret connection or inside jokes or something. Or maybe it's just because daddy only does fun stuff ...and doesn't do the not fun stuff like sucking out boogers :)

Harrison is BUSY as well! He has been drooling everywhere, laughing, smiling, rolling over (he's very proud of himself), putting anything he can in his mouth (a little scary!) and babbling all the time. Chris and I think he might be teething, as the drooling is getting a little out of control and he is having a little harder time sleeping. It's not bad, but he is sleeping a little less. Anywhere from 9ish to 6/7ish. We started putting his pacifiers in the freezer, per my mom's suggestion, which has helped a little. Don't see any teeth though...I'm skeptical that he's actually getting any, as I didn't until I was over one. Who knows! We are taking everything in stride, as we still don't know what we're doing!

18 weeks- Getting ready for Valentine's Day
Sometimes you need to eat blocks :)

We had out 4 month check up and Harrison is 15.9 pounds (75%) and 26 inches (75-90%). He got some more shots, and handled them pretty well (better than me!).

We have been experimenting a little with baby food this month as well. Rice cereal and now stage 1 foods (pretty much just apples and pears). Although I would like to make his food myself, I'm not sure how to go about doing this and feel like it would probably make more sense to try the organic stuff in smaller quantities first to figure out what he likes before I invest in 2 weeks worth of squash...or whatever. I don't know.
Rice cereal...not so sure about this :) He really likes pears though!

life is pretty good :)
Me and my little buddy <3 (still trying to master the self timer on the camera)